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Back Office

Processes and Efficiency



We take care of your accounting and back office needs so you can focus on what you do best.
We are skilled problem solvers who can determine your business processes and automate as much as possible.
From the East Coast to the Mid West, our diversified experience helps determine the technology you need to run your business.
We offer personalized, on-location training for your organization in the leading business applications.
Back Office ​​Solutions
for Any Size Organization

What's the big deal with the back office anyway?

The back office handles everything. Don't believe us? Check this out:

Vendor bills arrive, and they have to be paid. When you do work for customers you need to invoice them, and, fingers crossed, get paid from them. There's the feds, the state, the city and all their paperwork. But hey, it's cool if you don't keep up with government paperwork; just look to Martha for the result. Three hots and a cot seem to work out just fine for her. We don't take kindly to exposures that are preventable, though. Wait, we almost forgot: Your employees don't work for free, so you'll have all the joys that running payroll brings.

Everything eventually makes its way to the back office, but you don't have to worry about dealing with it because we'll take care of it.

The bottom line: Your time is valuable. You should focus on your business, be creative, networking with other businesses, sell your product, and motivate your market. You really don't need to mess with all the nuts and bolts because that's what we do.

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Processes and Efficiency

Have you ever looked at everything from start to finish in your company?

There, there, don't be embarrassed...people don't typically consider processes and efficiency until customer complaints, coworker frustration, duplicate or incomplete work, increased costs and waste, and bottlenecks appear in the business. Processes have to be evaluated and improved or designed to streamline the way every person in your company works for customer satisfaction.

Let's be clear, though, process improvements and efficiciencies aren't always based on technology. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting a second set of eyes on the workflow to question why each step exists. The important thing to remember is this: People want things correct, inexpensive and fast. It's not possible to deliver all three, so you have to decide the two that will be most beneficial to your business.

The bottom line: We are the second set of eyes that helps determine the best business processes for your company to gain efficiency.

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What's the best technology for your company?

Do you really know what your company needs technology-wise, or are you just buying PCs from the warehouse club because they're "fine." After all, the warehouse club PC does what you need it to do, right? WRONG! Malware, ransomware, spyware, Tupperware with moldy food in the fridge, and whatever other ware are coming for your systems, so you'd better have someone knowledgable and trustworthy managing your infrastructure.

"But I'm a small company. Hackers have no interest in me." WRONG! Fact-check these stats: According to a Cybint report  from September, 2017,  hackers attack every 39 seconds. That means one in three Americans are victims every year. Do you have two friends? Lay some Vegas odds on who's going to get hit. Guess what else: Small businesses are 43% of the attacks that hackers are targeting. In other words, don't kid yourself; your business is exactly what the hackers are infiltrating. By the way, if you visit an infected website the hacker could place some malicious code on your PC that makes it a slave to a larger computing network. OK, enough with the scare tactics.

We've been working with corporate infrastructure since 1997. From single office environments to multi-location, cross-continent networks, there's not much we haven't seen. With so many options and decisions required to determine the most cost-effective investment for your business, it's easy to get lost in the weeds.

The bottom line: Technology is a tool for your business, and we totally understand it's not what you do. We're here to help you navigate the convoluted technology realm to get what you need to run your business. We are your trusted advisor. We're the people you can call any time of day and just chit-chat about the what-ifs of business and life. (Has the lightbulb come on yet?)

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I don't need training; I already know how to use my software.

Ok, Smarty McSmarterton, please humor us for a second. Using your favorite spreadsheet, connect to your accounting system and answer these four questions: To whom did you make the most sales over the past two years? Who pays you the quickest? What's your top 10 sales items by revenue? How about the top 10 sales items by quantity? If you're able to perform this task, then congratulations are certainly in order. But guess what? We bet we can still teach you something!

So this little example is only one facet of training for us. Here's some education for you: Spreadsheets are designed for data analysis and reporting. Are you using them as a make-shift database? Probably. Have you experienced the pains of the spreadsheet database (such as another user making changes to it without your knowledge or consent because they thought it was better that way)? Definitely! A properly designed database makes capturing data simple, can help prevent errors and don't even get us started on the reporting and analysis of the collected's potentially endless! But enough with the data management and analysis discussion.

Let's take a little time to discuss the softer side of your business, presentation and communications. Word processors and presentation software have been so misunderstood and misued over the years. Sure, the default templates accomplish tasks, but are they really showcasing your company? Is your branding clear throughout every presentation and letter? We will teach you how to create documents that convey the information clearly while being very clean and easy to read. Our presentation software training sessions teach you tried and true element design, presentation and strategy (yes, there are three different aspects to a presentation).

If you haven't figured it out by now, our training sessions are different because we are more than trainers; we are educators. We are so serious about our training, we have achieved the highlest level of Microsoft Office designation, the Microsoft Office Specialist Master. This designation demonstrates the deepest level of skills and knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite.

We'll discuss your needs before we have our first training session with you, so we know how you work; only then are we able to help you use Microsoft Office in the most effective ways to do your job. This ensures each attendee gets the most value out of the session, and it also gives us a chance to recognize that a training session may not be what's needed. Sometimes you just need a guru to sit with you and your group to work on a big project, presentation, manual or document, a spreadsheet requiring wicked functionality, or maybe database development. We're good at all of this, too, because we have nearly 25 years experience in software training, education and consulting so we've learned the most effective knowledge transfer methods.

And you want to know what makes our training and education even better? We come to you! That's about all we can say without divulging too much.

The bottom line: We provide targeted, focused training, education and consulting that is critical to getting the most out of your Microsoft Office suite.

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